Abschlusskonzert Eleni Karaindrou - "Tous des Oiseaux"

Sa 16.11.2019

Nationaltheater Mannheim

Presale: 59 / 49 / 40 / 29 / 19 € incl. fee

Box office: 59 / 49 / 40 / 29 / 19 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00

Event series: 50 Jahre ECM

Country: Griechenland

Eleni Karaindrou : p
+ Ensemble

When in January 2012 the Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos died during filming, it also meant for the composer Eleni Karaindrou the end of a long working partnership which began 1984 with her music for “Voyage to Kythera”. Karaindrou’s feeling for the archaic of the traditional Greek folk and her elegant keynote, was the perfect combination for Angelopoulos’ characteristic aesthetic of slowness and silence. Despite her piano and music theory studies in Athens and the later study of ethnomusicology during her exile in Paris (1969-1974), Karaindrou sees herself as an “instinctive” composer, while the sound of her childhood in a secluded village is present. The current program “Tous des oiseaux” embraces a play of the Lebanese-Canadian author Wajdi Mouawad and a movie of the Iranian director Payman Maadi. The emotional width of the music goes from “The Wind of War” over “Lament” until “Waltz of Hope”.

The concert is seated.