Yonathan Avishai Trio

Fr 11.10.2019

Ella & Louis Mannheim

Presale: 35 € inkl. Geb

Box office: 37 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00

Event series: 50 Jahre ECM

Country: Israel / Frankreich

Yonathan Avishai : p
Yoni Zelnik : b
Donald Kontomanou : dr

The “Modern Times” Trio is more than a band for Yonathan Avishai, it is a space to journey into musical explorations inspired by Louis Armstrong, John Lewis, the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Mark Rothko. It is quite difficult to find words for “Joys and Solitudes”, the trio’s ECM debut. “A reduction to the essential” as Jazzthetik put it or “A piano trio’s (self-)questioning” as the Süddeutsche newspaper wrote. Yonathan Avishai, born 1977, spent some of his youth in Japan, which he says has shaped him to this very day: he has a taste for a specific aesthetic and energy. At the same time he has intensively engaged with the history of jazz. Since 2000, Avishai has played at the side of trumpeter Avishai Cohen and bassist Omer Avital in the Third World Love Quartet. Cohen and Avishai have been close friends for a long time and they can be heard on the impressive ECM albums “Into the Silence” (2015) and “Cross My Palm With Silver” (2017). They also performed together in the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim in November 2017.

The concert is seated.