Ameli in the Woods - Show 1

Mo 12.10.2020 Sold Out

Ella & Louis Mannheim

Presale: 20,00 € inkl. Geb

Box office: 22,00 €

Begin: 19:00

Entrance: 18:00


Event series: Ameli in the woods

Country: Deutschland

Franziska Ameli Schuster – vocal, piano, synthesizer, effects
Marvin Holley : g, p, voc, effects
Sebastian Schuster : b, synth, rhodes
Daniel Mudrack : dr, synth

Franziska Ameli Schuster won the “Landesjazzpreis” award 2020. And for good reason: She wins over with her conceptual approach, independent musical work and also with her powerful and extraordinary voice, as Thomas Siffling, Chair of the jury put it. Franziska Schuster was born in Stuttgart in 1989 and grew up in Neuffen, where she learned to play several different instruments early on, wrote her first songs and trained in singing. Alongside her studies at Universities of Music in Freiburg, Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Barcelona, she developed various projects that oscillate between her diverse musical interests, spanning from jazz to classical to electronic. Ameli in the Woods, one of her bands, highlights this with trance-like floating structures, complex rhythms, densely woven analogue and synthetic sounds, an affinity to pop, deep venturings into strange, swinging melodies, all accompanied by Schuster’s voice. Ameli in the Woods presents a wonderful opportunity to get to know the winner of the “Landesjazzpreis” in all her many facets.