Sa 19.10.2019

BASF-Feierabendhaus Ludwigshafen

Presale: 39 / 34 / 29 inkl. Geb

Box office: 42 / 37 / 32 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00

Country: Deutschland

Sascha Ring : synth, voc
PC Christensen : g, perc, b
Christoph Hamann : v, synth & sounds
Philipp Timm : vc, voc-fox, perc

live video by : Transforma
Baris Hasselbach
Simon Krahl
Luke Benett

When Sascha Ring played as Apparat on 11/11/2011 at Karlstorbahnhof, he had already come a long way. The DJ and music producer from Quedlinburg had already ventured away from reductions on Clicks & Cuts and started becoming more interested in sound than in beats, started focussing more on analogue instruments and turned towards old-school song. Versatile Frickler went in the direction of indietronics and started liking the principle of a band once again. Five years of Moderat were to follow, a fusion of Sascha Ring and Modeselektor, and the three became global pop stars. Alongside this came theatre and film soundtracks. In spring 2019, six years after “Krieg und Frieden”, Apparat is back with “LP5”, a carefully produced analogue and digital production. Some might say he has covered his tracks. Sascha Ring said in an interview: “You know, you get older, so slowly something also needs to happen with the music.” As if this has ever been an issue for him!

The concert is seated.