Dark Star Safari

Mo 28.10.2019

Alte Feuerwache Mannheim

VVK: 25 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 30 €

Beginn: 20:00

Einlass: 19:00

Reihe: Artist in Residence

Land: Schweiz / Norwegen

Erik Honoré : synth, samples, synth b, voc, lyrics
Eivind Aarset : guit, elec, b
Samuel Rohrer : dr, perc, elec, synth
Jan Bang : elec

A match made in heaven! Over the past few years, following sound experimenter, drummer, composer and electronic music artist Samuel Rohrer has been a highly rewarding venture. He walks boundaries, sometimes impressively playing more jazzy music with Colin Vallon Trio and then experimental music at the side of Max Loderbauer or Stian Westerhus. And then he’ll sometimes record an album on his own (“Range of Regularity”). For his latest project, he has invited a Norwegian dream team with live-sampling artist Jan Bang and guitarist Eivind Aarset to the Berlin “Candy Bomber” studio to jointly freely improvise with sound. In the postproduction, Jan Bang noticed that the material could do well with vocals and that he could do the singing. Erik Honoré then joined them, wrote lyrics and two additional compositions. What happened then was surprising. The musicians left it to their own fan hearts and suddenly the tracks with vocals sounded as if Scott Walker and David Sylvian’s spirits had crept into the gaps. And sometimes it even sounds like Japan in 1983. Impressive!

The concert is seated.