Jan Bang & Eivind Aarset

We 09.10.2019

Heiliggeistkirche Heidelberg

Presale: 24 €plus fees

Box office: 29 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00

Event series: Artist in Residence

Country: Norwegen

Jan Bang : elec, live, smpl
Eivind Aarset : g

When in the mid-90s in Norway, under the aegis of Bugge Wesseltoft, the debate of creating a “New Conceptions of Jazz” started the sensations came monthly. Jazz musicians united with DJs and producers, new clubs opened and made their names with undogmatic programs, and independent record labels offered a platform for this creative explosion. The guitarist Eivind Aarset and the live-sampling-artist belong to the core of this change. Aarset, who started in a heavy metal band, released “Électronique Noir” (1998), one of the first albums on “Jazzland”. Jan Bang who worked as a producer for the interface of pop and techno, was responsible for the “drum programming” on Wesseltofts second “New Conception of Jazz” album “Sharing” (1998). Through the countless meetings in the sphere of the “Punkt”-Festival Aarset and Bang became a sort of team in the new millennial; not only did they work together on their own albums but also albums for Ketil Björnstad, Dhafer Youssef, Jon Hassell, Arve Henriksen, Tigran Hamasyan or – currently – Dark Star Safari. While the introverted sound builder Aarset disappears behind abstract sound clouds through filigree use of instruments, Bang searches during his live sampling for the presence of attention and quick-wittedness to get from his opposite the material he needs to reach the “Punkt”-aesthetic.

The concert is seated.