Jan Bang & Ensemble Modern

So 06.10.2019

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

VVK: 28 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 32 €

Beginn: 19:00

Einlass: 18:00

Reihe: Artist in Residence

Land: International / Norwegen

Dietmar Wiesner : fl
Saar Berger : hrn
Sava Stoianov : tp
Giorgos Panagiotidis : v
Eva Böcker : vc
Jan Bang : elec

In October 2009, Enjoy Jazz hosted the exciting “Punkt” Festival from Kristiansand as a “Festival within the Festival”. Concerts by Jon Hassell’s Maarifa Street, the Ensemble Modern and British chamber-pop-folk band Sweet Billy Pilgrim were remixed in the Alpharaum, a dimly lit room on the first floor of the Feuerwache in Mannheim. In an interview, Jan Bang explained that he explicitly wished for the Ensemble Modern to be a part of it, first of all, because Ensemble Modern has worked with Frank Zappa and second, because the contemporary e-music compositions work a lot with transparencies and space. And this is precisely what Jan Bang needs for his live sampling. Both parties – the Ensemble Modern and Jan Bang – have performed together several times before but this should be no reason for routines as the Ensemble Modern’s work is far to unpredictable. Do it like Jan Bang and let yourself be surprised!

The concert is seated.