Arun Ghosh

Fr 03.11.2017 Sold Out

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

Presale: 16 € plus fees

Box office: 20 €

Begin: 21:00

Entrance: 20:00

Country: Großbritannien

Arun Ghosh: cl
Chris Williams: as
Shirley Tetteh: g
Liran Donin: b
Tansay Omar: dr

Arun Ghosh, son of a Bengali and a Pakistani who grew up in a Manchester suburb discovered the clarinet at age 12 and was introduced to jazz through saxophonist Courtney Pine. Ghosh has been influenced by a range of various styles from indie rock to rave to classical music, and of course, by the different traditions of South Asian music. He has merged these in his album “South Asian Suite”, for example, which he presented at Enjoy Jazz four years ago. From the start, Ghosh has engaged with whatever he picks up, and then improvises about it. The shooting star in the British scene once said that for him music has always had something to do with communication. He played for relatives and friends early on which was more important to him than having his music lessons. Schooling this joy of free playing has taken him a long way. His eclectic, intuitive, meandering and repetitive indo-jazz based on classic instrumentalisation adds exotic and electronic elements which have won him prizes and resulted in many requests for film and theatre productions. Arun Ghosh is busy and his joy of experimenting unbounded – which can be experienced this evening.