Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet

Mo 04.11.2019

Ella & Louis Mannheim

Presale: 18 € inkl. Geb

Box office: 20 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00

Event series: Elisabeth Lohninger Quartett

Country: Österreich / USA

Elisabeth Lohninger : voc
Walter Fischbacher : p
Ondrej Stainochr : b
Alex Bernath : dr

Sting is rubbing his eyes. An Austrian in New York? After beginnings in folk music and a degree in classical music, the love of jazz brought singer and songwriter Elisabeth Lohninger to the Hudson River. There she studied jazz, had her debut at the side of her partner the pianist Walter Fischbacher with “Austrian LiedGood”. The couple established themselves due to diverse projects in the local scene and in 1998 made themselves at home with “Lofish Productions” and “Lofish Studios” in Mid-Manhattan. This part of history came 2015 to an end due to the gentrification, artistically countered with “Ballads in Blue”. The other purely musical part changes between jazz, soul and singer/songwriting, it’s a success story, maybe because the singer and composer Elisabeth Lohninger sees her art more compulsory than usual. For her the honest expression of herself is important and she’s not afraid of the intimate and transparent. Just listen to her “Songs of Love and Destruction” (2010) where Joni Mitchell or k.d. Lang songs become a coherent part of the Lohninger-world. Or her willful version of “The Girl from Ipanema” on “Eleven Promises” (2016). She tours, teaches since 2002 at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York and recently published her experiences in the business as “Singer’s Survival Guide to Touring” as a book.

The concert is seated.