Steve Reichs Drumming

Fr 08.11.2019

Nationaltheater Mannheim

VVK: 24 / 19 / 15 / 9 € inkl. Geb

Beginn: 20:00

Einlass: 19:00

Reihe: Enjoy Jazz 2019


Mannheimer Schlagwerk,
Instrumentalisten und Sänger des NTM,
Studierende der Musikhochschule
Mannheim und Gäste

Steve Reich is one of the pioneers of minimal music. To him and like-minded artists in the 60s it might have seemed impossible that a few decades later countless people will be supporters of an art form for which they were frowned upon. Now everybody agrees: With “Drumming” from 1971 Reich created a masterpiece. Fascinated by the pulsing rhythms of jazz and inspired by a short-trip to Ghana, he wrote a piece for nine percussionists and a variable singer cast, in which drifting rhythms are pushed to a psychoacoustic sound through a minimal phase shift. And while the minimal music is only produced by electronic sound builders nowadays, Reich was depended on the precise play of instrumentalists for his composition. Exactly this are the percussionists of the "Mannheimer Schlagwerk". Together with a few guests they will relive a piece of music history for the Enjoy Jazz Festival.

The concert is seated.