Angel Bat Dawid

We 13.10.2021 Cancelled

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

Presale: 21,80 €plus fees

Box office: 24,00 €

Begin: 21:00

Entrance: 20:30


Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021


Angel Bat Dawid : voc, cl

“If what you do is not spiritual, it isn’t music!” said Angel Bat Dawid when her debut album “The Oracle” created furore in early 2019. The singer and clarinettist recorded her own intimate mix of gospel, hip-hop an spiritual jazz lo-fi on her mobile phone and the hip “International Anthem” label was so taken by it that they released it just as it was. The album cover itself is a spiritual and political statement. In short, David’s themes revolve around black empowerment, black consciousness and black spirituality. In an interview she explained: “My people are still being oppressed. We are not happy, but happiest when we have the freedom to express ourselves as we like. Is there another way of being more humane with each other than making music together?” When Angel Bat Dawid was confronted with what she felt was racist behaviour at the Jazzfest Berlin in autumn 2019, she and her band The Brothahood transformed their frustration into an intense and authentic performance. Luckily this epochal and confrontational event was recorded and published by “Black Joy” (The Wire) who commented in no uncertain terms on what had happened in Berlin. This time it was really “live” and so much more than a concert.