Blind Date

Su 10.10.2021

City Kirche Konkordien Mannheim

Presale: 29,50 €plus fees

Box office: 32,00 €

Begin: 17:00

Entrance: 16:30


Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021


Wird am Abend der Veranstaltung enthüllt.

If you like to be surprised, you are in the right place today: the identity of the actors of the Blind Date Afternoon will only be revealed the moment they enter the stage. It's about spontaneity, about sound that creates new spaces, about intuitive acting, about different levels that are broken up and put back together again. Sounds mysterious, even a bit secretive? Of course it does. It's the character of a blind date that you don't know who and what to expect. But what can be said at least: It will be a musical, moving surprise. In the truest sense of the word. Because in addition to instrumentalists, you can look forward to dancers wearing specially designed pieces by textile artist Rebecca Tonet. "As soon as an 'image' is made visible, there is inevitably a short or long confrontation between expectation and perception, in the best case a sensitisation," say the makers of Livekultur Mannheim. "This idea is continued by the ever new acoustic and visual continuation of the expected unexpected." So expect anything!