Jazztage Schwetzingen: United Jazz + Rock Ensemble Second Generation

Fr 22.10.2021

Rokokotheater Schwetzingen

Presale: 15 / 20 / 30 / 40 € incl. fee

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00


Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021

Country: Deutschland

Flo Dauner : leader, dr
Florian Trübsbach : sax
Johannes Enders : sax
Adrian Mears : tb
Tobias Weidinger : tp
Stephan Zimmermann : tp
Claus Stötter : tp
Dave King : b
Frank Kuruc : g

In 2002 the legendary United Jazz + Rock Ensemble said goodbye after 25 years of stage performance – and then got resurrected in 2012. Founding members Wolfgang Dauner and Dave King had attracted troop of younger musicians who transported the original idea of fusing jazz, rock and world music into present time. Following Wolfgang Dauner’s death last year, this project can certainly be seen as a legacy: bassist Dave King, who has played with various people like Billy Cobham, Dizzy Gillespie, Klaus Doldinger, Donna Summer and Udo Lindenberg is still part of the party and a connecting piece to UJRE’s early days where it released “Live im Schützenhaus” in 1977, which is still one of the most bought German jazz records to date. Dauner’s son, Flo, is on drums. He is the drummer of the Fantastischen Vier band, a studio musician and has made an impressive reputation with many of his own projects. If we were to list all the (musical) connections and collaborations between the current ensemble members, we would certainly need a big chart, and if were to add all the previous UJRE protagonists, we would need an entire cinema screen. So we are going to leave it at this one note: The diversity and versatility of each participating musician is enormous; together they could cover all the stylistic fields of jazz, rock, pop, funk, hip hop and soul. Are there generational conflicts? Definitely not – the second generation is enthusiastically continuing forth with what the first got started.