Late Night: Deena Abdelwahed - Khonnar Live

Sa 06.11.2021

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

Presale: 18,50 € incl. fee

Box office: 21,00 €

Begin: 22:00

Entrance: 21:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021

Country: Tunesien

Deena Abdelwahed : dj, voc

The Politics of Dancing. Watching DJane Deena Abdelwahed work is like seeing an entire dance. Change the power systems with a different groove! Deena Abdelwahed does not do “Oriental techno” and despises Arabic pop. Born in Qatar, and bred in the local Arabic community, she started her musical career in Tunisia, her parent’s homeland. From this, she brought a creation of hybrid Persian-African sounds and combined them with “western” club sound like ragga, footwork and dancehall. She enthralled the queer community in Tunis. As an activist and humanist Abdelwahed consciously chose to position herself outside the boundaries of cultural belonging and pushed for her own independence. She currently lives in Toulouse, where, in contrast to Paris, no Tunisian community exists at the moment. She produced her debut album “Khonnar” (2018) in Spain and its “wild rhythmic complex mix of ‘side stream’ Arabic music and electronic music” (Groove) underlines both her own and the music’s underlying message of homelessness and lack of reference cultures. On watching Deena Abdelwahed work, that is her “instant composing” and as she develops music from the spirit of dance, one gets an idea of her message. It is entertaining to watch people dancing behind her and how alone she sometimes seems with her solitary beats and grooves. To formulate it along with Mario Hené: freedom comes with the price of loneliness and using it productively gives one a position of strength. There are many reasons not to miss this event!

The 2G rule applies, meaning that to attend the concert you need:
- EITHER proof of full vaccination (at least 14 days after the second vaccination).
- OR a certificate of recovery (not older than 6 months)
- On-site registration via Luca app or registration form.
Due to the unpredictable nature of the occurrence of infections, changes at short notice are also possible. Therefore, we kindly ask you to please inform yourself immediately before the event on this website about possible new regulations.