Laura Perrudin

Th 07.10.2021

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

Presale: 20,70 € incl. fee

Box office: 23,00 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:30


Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021

Country: Frankreich

Laura Perrudin : voc, harp

Dorothy Ashby, Alice Coltrane, Zeena Parkins, Ruth Berman, Iro Haarla, Joanna Newsom, Kathrin Pechlof, Brandon Younger, Amanda Whiting, Rachel Gladwin, Maddie Herbert – and last but not least the revival of spiritual jazz have all considerably expanded on the use of the harp for improvisations and made it more appealing. However, Laura Perrudin, entirely went her own way with her joy of sonic experimenting: vocals, jazz, electronic effects and an electric harp came together and critiques promptly became poetry: “As if Björk coincidentally met Herbie Hancock in a Dublin pub just before a John McLaughlin concert.” Critics also celebrated “Impressions” (2015) but the album is conventional in comparison and reinforced with texts by Wilde, Joyce, Poe and Yeats. At Enjoy Jazz 2017, Laura Perrudin did a solo performance at Café Prag in Mannheim where played from her brand new solo album “Poisons & Antidotes”. Tracks like “Inks” hinted at the direction her journey might venture into. However, her next album “Perspectives & Avatars”, released in October 2020, came unexpected. It is an authentic and ambitioned R&B album with prominent guests like Becca Stevens, Philippe Katerine, Mélissa Laveaux, Ian Chang and Emel Mathlouthi. The stories and themes it entails are told from different perspectives and sometimes involve witch burning, or global surveillance and even clouds that turn into storytellers. And yes, it seems as if a harp is playing somewhere in between all the manipulated sounds, beats, raps and pop-appeal. Or is it an e-guitar? Somehow it seems that Laura Perrudin really took the Björk complement to heart. This concert is definitely a highlight in this year’s Festival programme.