Macht und Identität - Vermessung der Ränder

Su 17.10.2021

Nationaltheater Mannheim

Presale: 10,00 / 24,50 / 28,50 €plus fees

Begin: 18:00

Entrance: 17:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021

Country: Schweiz / Deutschland

Maxi Broecking

Jutta Allmendinger
Fola Dada
Mirna Funk
Katharina Oguntoye

Evein Obulor

Fola Dada
Frau Sammer

We would like to dedicate a long evening to one of the most important social themes of our times: intersectionality. The term originated in the field of gender research. It states that oppression and discrimination cannot be viewed as independent phenomena that are directly attributable to categories of an individual’s social identity such as gender, religion, ethnicity, age or sexuality. Instead, they interact on multiple and simultaneous levels. As the author and activist Audre Lorde already stated: “There is no Hierachy of Oppression.” This evening we will delve into this theme together – starting with a podium discussion comprising artists, scientists and activists followed by small discussions rounds with you. The incredibly original Austrian-German feminist post punk band Frau Sammer and the charismatic jazz singer Fola Dada will accompany us with live music.
Join us for this discussion!
Please email us for more information on the content and structure of the public discussion rounds and to register: (Subject: Intersectionality).
There are only a limited number of places available.