Nachholtermin: Sarah McCoy

Tu 05.10.2021

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

Presale: 23,00 €plus fees

Box office: 25,00 €

Begin: 21:00

Entrance: 20:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021

Country: USA

Sarah McCoy : p, voc

The best myths about popular music involve unrecognised geniuses that almost miss finding the place where they belong: in the limelight. In this regard, Sarah McCoy’s story is almost a prototype. After her father died, the piano and music came to her rescue. She moved to California with a guitar in her luggage, wrote songs and sang as if she was taking it up with goddesses like Bessie Smith and Nina Simone. These travelling and teaching years were a tight walk and eventually led her to New Orleans in 2011, where she played in every club and joint around. Her songs and voice got darker, freer, more moving. French director Bruno Moynie was visiting the city and recognised her talent. He created a documentary and arranged a tour in France. And then a pivotal encounter occurred: the eccentric Chilli Gonzalez was stunned by her set. He produced her first album “Blood Siren” (2019) which does not sound like a debut at all, but more like the mature work of a singer and poet. It was recorded with a minimum of equipment and a maximum of emotional effect. She describes herself: “When I sing my whole body vibrates, I close my eyes and see colours and let landscapes evolve.”