Sarah Chaksad Septett - Songlines

Fr 29.10.2021

BASF-Gesellschaftshaus Ludwigshafen

Presale: 26 € incl. fee

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00


Event series: Enjoy Jazz 2021


Sarah Chaksad : as, ss, comp
Hildegunn Øiseth : tp, goat horn
Lisette Spinnler : voc
Pepe Auer : bcl
Malcolm Braff : p
Marc Mezgolits : bg
Gregor Hilbe : dr

Swiss Sarah Chaksad is not only an excellent saxophonist and composer. She recently also founded a new label platform called “Clap Your Hands” together with Patrick Zosso. The first project is an album with her septet Songlines, which can be bought in the old-fashioned CD format or downloaded. It can also be obtained via newsletter which sends subscribers a track per month together with all the background information about the compositions, performance history and studio sessions. It also answers all those questions one has always wanted to ask musicians. “So it gives an insight into our work and hopefully also creates some anticipation for upcoming performances.” And there is reason to look forward to them: Songlines offers multi-layered compositions shaded in numerous sound colours. Chaksad, born 1983 in Lucerne, studied at the Basel Academy of music, attended master classes by Wolfgang Muthspiel, Larry Grenadier, Mark Turner and David Liebman; she played with Guillermo Klein’s big band – which gave birth to her love of grand ensembles. She is influenced by Bob Brookmeyer and Maria Schneider, with whom she worked on a joint project in 2018. Critics say she has long found her orchestral language, meaning she has an unmistakeable feel for the idiosyncrasies of her musicians and puts them into grand scenes. She knows how to spin soundscapes from merged familiar sounds and is apt at creating enchanting melody lines and caters for surprise moments with harmonic and rhythmic complexity – are you looking anticipating it?