Enjoy Jazz Cinema: Die Ewigkeit und ein Tag

Su 03.11.2019

Karlstorkino Heidelberg

Box office: 7,50 €

Begin: 11:00

Entrance: 10:30

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Cinema

Country: Griechenland, Italien, Frankreich 1998

Regie: Theo Angelopoulos | Musik: Eleni Karaindrou | mit Bruno Ganz, Isabelle Renauld, Fabrizio Bentivoglio

An American film director of Greek descent returns to the Roman film studios to continue his shooting, which he abandoned for unknown reasons. His film is about his mother's love for two men she loved all her life and who loved her to the end. The lovers lose themselves in the course of their eventful lives, searching for each other on journeys through space and time, past the important political and social events of the second half of the twentieth century: in Siberia, North Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany and America - and they find each other again.
The historical arc spans exile, separation, strangeness and homecoming, including the collapse of ideologies: Stalin's death, the Watergate scandal, the Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unfulfilled dream of a better world in the twenty-first century.
As in a dream, the director remembers the people and events of his past. In a deserted Berlin, at the end of the twilight of the new century, the snow quietly falls on the past times and on the whole universe.
The films of the great Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos have always been legends. With his idiosyncratic, mythical, philosophical films he has shaped European filmmaking like no other for decades. Angelopoulos is perhaps, after the death of Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Ingmar Bergman, Marcel Carné and some others, the last great European of the seventh art.
As always with this master "The Dust of Time" is top-class with the great actors Willem Dafoe, Bruno Ganz, Michel Piccoli, Irène Jacob, Christiane Paul and others. The music and the camera, which help to deepen and interpret the story, are also excellent and meaningful for him.