Enjoy Jazz Cinema: Django - Ein Leben für die Musik

So 29.10.2017

Atlantis Kino Mannheim

VVK: 8,50 € nur an der Kinokasse zzgl. Geb

AK: 8,50 € an der Kinokasse

Beginn: 11:00

Einlass: 10:30

Reihe: Enjoy Jazz Cinema



If it weren’t for all the syncopes! Besides this, the Nazis in occupied Paris in 1943 find Swing Django Reinhart pretty good. And Reinhardt believes or hopes that jazz and his popularity will save him from the Nazis while in other places Romani people were already being deported or even killed immediately. Is this inner emigration, resistance or flight? None of this is easily brought into connection with Django Reinhardt’s music, but in his directorial debut film “Django”, Etienne Comar tries to reconstruct this phase, focusing on this short period in Reinhardt’s biography. Reda Kateb and Cécile de France’s music and artistic presentations shorten the expected lengthy biopics features. And issues of civil courage and individual responsibility need to once again be addressed and are gaining importance in our turbulent times.