Frau Gerburg verkauft den Jazz

Su 01.11.2020

dasHaus Ludwigshafen

Presale: 6,00 €plus fees

Box office: 9,50 €

Begin: 15:00

Entrance: 14:30

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Familienprogramm

Country: Deutschland

Matthias Debus : b
Alexandra Lehmler : sax
Claus Kiesselbach : vib
Stefan „Hering“ Cerin : dr
Gerburg Maria Müller : Moderation

Ms Gerburg has catered for good music at many weddings. She is a music agent for various artists and occasions, catering to children’s birthdays, parties or company events. The quartet Mr Hering’s Band was urgently looking for opportunities to perform and showed her everything they master with the result that they now form the foundation for a colourful, wild, crazy musical theatre piece. It shows children and their parents the whole range of jazz, is fun and also creates incentives to make music. Hering Cerin, Alexandra Lehmler, Matthias Debus and Claus Kiesselbach are lively, so there won’t be much sitting still. Even Gerburg, who as a businesswoman is constantly on the phone, is enraptured. They’ll also answer a few questions during the prelude like: What is special about the instruments they play, how did jazz come about and what does improvisation mean? Gerburg Maria Müller and Herr Hering moderate with humour, making it easy for both young and old to participate.