Enjoy Jazz Familienfest: Ella Armstark Orchester

Su 27.10.2019

BASF-Feierabendhaus Ludwigshafen

Presale: 2,50 € inkl. Geb

Begin: 15:00

Entrance: 14:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Jugend

Country: Deutschland

Ella Armstark Orchester
Enjoy Jazz-Schulbigband

It is not just a coincidence that Ella Armstark is called Ella – her name is homage to one of the greatest jazz singers, Ella Fitzgerald. Occasionally, Ella Armstark likes to travel to New Orleans, the birth city of jazz, and do jazz flat shares with friends where they play together and improvise. Behind the name Ella Armstark is actor, acrobat, guitarist and singer Lea Kramer, and her five companions including Christian Schatka who form a small orchestra that playfully and acrobatically takes the audience into the world of jazz and animates them the join in. And this is what the Enjoy Jazz Family Concert at the BASF is about: dedicated to younger generations and inviting them to listen, discover and especially also play – awakening a joy of music in children. The Enjoy Jazz School Big Band certainly has plenty of this joy. They were founded in 2012 in the metropolitan region are a permanent feature of the Family Concert in Ludwigshafen. Their musical development over time has been impressive and they have a considerably sized fan club in the metropolitan region.

The concert is seated.