Enjoy Jazz Familienkonzert: Oran Etkin's Timbalooloo

So 29.10.2017 Ausverkauft

BASF-Feierabendhaus Ludwigshafen

VVK: 2,50 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 2,50 €

Beginn: 15:00

Einlass: 14:00

Reihe: Enjoy Jazz Jugend

Land: Deutschland / USA

Schülerinnen und Schüler des
St. Raphael-Gymnasiums HD
Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasiums MA
Max-Planck-Gymnasiums LU
mit Ehemaligen

Musikalische Leitung : Dr. Peer Hübel
Peter Jacob, Michael Hilprecht
Oran Etkin : cl, voc
Gary Kiser : tu
Gautier Garrique : dr
tba : piano
tba : voc

Children are honest critics: if they are bored with what they hear or see they say so and show it. However, if they are interested they become enthusiastic through and through. Oran Etkin has the rare talent of awakening a fascination for music in children. The highly acclaimed clarinettist, who became a master of his instrument under Yusef Lateef’s wing, has developed a method that inspires young people to listen and make music. Running under the project name “Timbalooloo”, he offers courses for different age groups in New York and combines listening experiences with stories, teaches styles and forms adapted to children in such a way than not only his pupils hang on to his every word, but also the parents are enraptured. Celebrities like Harvey Keitel and Naomi Watts give their children into his care and are enthusiastic. Two years ago, Etkin released an outstanding Benny Goodman homage and toured with Mike Stern and Wyclef Jean. And he plays concerts for families that are based on his “Timbalooloo” experiences. Seeing how his band brings his audience to dance and sing is a real experience, as he jumps between the different genres, and transforms instruments into story-telling figures taking his listeners, both big and small, on musical adventures. So he is the perfect guest for the Family Concert in Feierabendhaus. And we also look forward to the Enjoy Jazz School Big Band which will be playing in the second part of the concert.