Cover-Art Vernissage & Solo Bass-Konzert von Barre Phillips

Th 03.10.2019

TANKTURM Heidelberg

Begin: 12:00

Entrance: 11:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Matinee

Country: USA

Barre Phillips : b

Enjoy Jazz and ECM have a long joint history. Numerous ECM musicians have been guests in the metropolitan region and, in 2009, Enjoy Jazz hosted “The Blue Sound”, a festival within the Festival in celebration of ECM’s 40th anniversary. Now, it is time to celebrate ECM’s 50th. Extraordinary interpreters, diverse sound aesthetics moulded by ECM founder and producer Manfred Eicher and The Blue Sound cover – all of this is part of his entire work of art. So it stands to reason to take a more detailed look at the minimalistic cover motif that has co-shaped the label’s image. The artists Jan Kricke, Jean Guy Lathuilière, Eberhard Ross and Thomas Wunsch present their work at the TANKTURM Heidelberg over the course of the festival. Despite their different positions, they seem to have something in common in their search of the essence and image of the being of sound. They use different techniques for the photos and images, in addition to video works by Ingo J. Biermann, who has portrayed many ECM artists.

The concert is seated.