Learn To Enjoy Jazz mit Thomas Meinecke

Su 29.09.2019

Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

Presale: 5 €plus fees

Box office: 5 €

Begin: 17:00

Entrance: 16:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Matinee

Country: Deutschland

Thomas Meinecke

Does Thomas Meinecke need introducing? Here in the region, in which one of his most beautiful novels is set? “Tomboy” (1998) is about young people living in Heidelberg and the region, who get entangled in discussions about different topics ranging from pop to the BASF, Judith Butler, Otto Weininger and gender issues. This roughly sums up Meinecke’s themes. There is probably no other expert in literature who has so deeply engaged with feminist theory and other fields in Cultural Studies and no other who knows so much about pop and jazz and has his storytelling skills. He started in the early 80s with the avant-garde band F.S.K., which still exists to date. His first prose texts were published a little while later. Meinecke is also known as a radio moderator in “Zündfunk” and as a DJ who loves playing house from Detroit and Chicago. He has created several audiobooks together with Move D. So could we imagine a better partner for discussions with Rainer Kern in the “Learn to Enjoy Jazz” series? Certainly not. It will be a pleasure to listen to the two of them talking about the Festival, important musicians, Meinecke’s permanent obsession with Heidelberg/Mannheim and other things. And, of course, they will also put on music…