Matinee : "Music Was My First Love" mit Albrecht Puhlmann

Su 13.10.2019

Syte Hotel Mannheim

Presale: 5 € inkl. Geb

Box office: 5 €

Begin: 12:30

Entrance: 12:00

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Matinee

Country: Deutschland


Who calles his diploma thesis “The Ear’s Human Rights” is consequently predestined to talk about his love of music in the series “Music Was My First Love”. The diploma thesis focussed on composer Hans Werner Henze, an important figure for musicologist, philosopher and literary scholar Albrecht Puhlmann. After his studies his work involved all the three disciplines: music, philosophy and literature. Puhlmann became a dramaturge in renowned establishments including the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Salzburger Festspiele. In 1996, Puhlmann became Director of the Opera in Basel, he was director of the Staatsoper Hannover and in Stuttgart, and has been Director of the Opera in Mannheim for three years. Puhlmann has worked together with important people in the field, including Peter Konwitschny and Christoph Marthaler, René Jacobs and Manfred Honeck. He brought Calixto Bieito to Germany. There is a lot to say about Albrecht Puhlmann. The matinee will give an impression of the musical influences that shape his work.

The matinee is seated.