Matinee: Portfolio Americano Blues Lesung und Konzert

So 03.11.2019 Ausverkauft


VVK: 20 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 24 €

Beginn: 11:00

Einlass: 10:00

Reihe: Enjoy Jazz Matinee

Land: Deutschland

Oliver Jaksch : words
Flo Huth : elec
Simon Seeleuther : g
Jörg Teichert : g
Christina Stihler : video

An afternoon in which the American history with its social developments as well as rifts, even here in Mannheim, will be presented literary and musically. “Hard times here, everywhere you go. Hard times will drive you from door to door…” Skip James already sang this during the Great Depression in America. This will not be the only crisis as a topic that evening. Topics such as slavery, faith, war and the civil movement will be discussed. The Blues as a musical phenomenon being the medium to explore the historical chapters as expression of the suffering of the black community? Or is it a product of the white music industry? Musically interpreted by Jörg Teichert (g), Simon Seeleuther (g) and Florian Huth (elec), blues classics will be heard traditionally as well as eccentric – depending on the context. Carried by archaic sounds, chosen literature passages, anecdotes and written eyewitness reports, the Portfolio Americano, will be recited by actor Oliver Jaksch. Visually accompanied by filmmaker Christina Stihler, whose video collage brings historical images of the Mannheim Blues past back to life – in the impressive and historical rooms of the MARCHIVUM.

The event is seated.