Rolf Kühn im Gespräch mit Maxi Sickert

Sa 26.10.2019

Odeon Kino Mannheim

Presale: 9 € inkl. Geb

Box office: 9 €

Begin: 17:00

Entrance: 16:45

Event series: Enjoy Jazz Matinee



Those who are occasionally at the Berlin RIAS at Hans-Rosenthal-Platz, where Germany’s broadcasting agency “Deutschlandfunk Kultur” is based, may encounter Rolf Kühn. To this day, he still looks for decommissioned studios to practice in them for several hours. He started recording his music at this location in the 50s, which not only highlights his longstanding career but also his discipline and passion in playing his ‘moody’ instrument, as Kühn himself describes his clarinet. This year, Rolf Kühn is celebrating his 90th birthday! And he has been playing and composing for 70 years! He is a grand seignior of German jazz. His breakthrough was in the USA in the 50s, on stage with countless international stars. No one will better know the stories behind his long artist biography than journalist Maxi Sickert. She published a book on Rolf Kühn on his 80th birthday. At Enjoy Jazz she will be talking to him about his music and his life. A documentation of the “Clarinet Bird” (as Sickert’s book is beautifully titled) will also be presented.

The event is seated.