Sa 14.10.2017

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

Presale: 18 € plus fees

Box office: 22 €

Begin: 21:00

Entrance: 20:00

Country: Frankreich / Großbritannien / USA

Wolfgang Valbrun: voc
Hillman Mondegreen : g
James Graham : kb
Adam Holgate : b
Jimi Needles : dr
Thierry Lemaitre : sax
Damian McLean-Brown : tp

The Ephemerals took three days in the studio to record their first record “Nothing is Easy” (2014). Hillmann Mondegreen had already written the songs but the other musicians did not yet know the pieces. They had also never played together in this constellation. The band was created during the production. And the session was really something: the songs were recorded in the moment and in all freedom, and in some cases, the first take has remained the only one. This can be heard on the album, with its raw, spontaneous dynamics conveying joy and surprise at what is just being created. The record is full of soul, which can be heard in every phrase of singer Wolfgang Valbrun’s smooth voice. The Ephemerals like to be seen as part of a larger retro wave, which Sharon Stone and Charles Bradley have ridden. For the Ephemerals, this is a compliment, honouring the glorious days of soul and being essentially contemporary at the same time. Of course, the present flows into this music, into the urban feverish rhythms and through masterfully combining different styles. The new album “Egg Tooth” particularly highlights this. It is slightly more diverse and open and wanders off into jazz realms and afrobeats. Considering how the band and their records came about, it should be of no surprise that Ephemerals are at their peak when they perform live: this is high-energy soul guaranteed!