Eröffnung Schwetzingen - Daniele Di Bonaventura - Band'Union: "GAROFANI ROSSI"

Fr 18.10.2019

Rokokotheater Schwetzingen

VVK: 45 / 37 / 28 / 20 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 50 / 42 / 32 / 24 €

Beginn: 20:00

Einlass: 19:00

Land: Italien

Daniele di Bonaventura : bnd
Marcello Peghinm : ac-g
Felice Del Gaudio : cb
Alfredo Laviano : dr

In October 2015, when bandoneon virtuoso Daniele di Bonaventura and trumpeter Paolo Fresu had a magically intensive dialogue in the Alte Feuerwache, a composition of Victor Jara was in their repertoire: “Te recuerdo Amanda”. Remember: the Chilean singer, a communist voice of »Unidad Popular«, was tortured and murdered in the Santiagi de Chile stadium after the military coup in 1973. Now Daniele di Bonaventura returns with a new programme “Garofani Rossi” (red carnations) and dedicates a whole concert evening to “musiche della resistenza e delle rivoluzioni” – resistance and revolution musicians. In times where “Bella ciao ” has become a popular disco hit, Di Bonaventura and his Band´Union virtuosos return honour to the songs. They use jazz, folk and classical idioms. Besides “Bella Ciao” they play classics from the labour movement like “Die Internationale”, songs from the Spanish Civil War (“El Quinto Regimiento”), partisan songs (“Fischia il vento”) and Latin American freedom songs (“Hast Siempre Comandante”; „El Pueblo Unido Jamàs Serà Vencido”).

The concert is seated.