Extreme Music: Mopcut

So 10.10.2021

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

VVK: 20,70 € inkl. Geb

AK: 23,00 €

Beginn: 12:00

Einlass: 11:00

Reihe: Eröffnungskonzert

Land: USA, Frankreich, Österreich

Audrey Chen : voc, electronics
Julien Desprez : g
Lukas König : dr, synth

“Friction” is a recurring theme on Mopcut trio’s debut album “Accelerated Frames of Reference”. It was born out of a joint performance by a group of versatile musicians at the Donaufestival 2018. What Berlin-based Audrey Chen from USA does with her voice and electronic equipment and French Julien Desprez creates with his e-guitar and Austrian Lukas König does with drums and synthesizer certainly has to do with major forces of friction: hyper-irritated drums, bubbling electronics and tearing nervous guitar cuts through previously burst structures like a razor sharp knife; hissing sweltering sound surfaces, sound explosions that roll over into minimalist roaming and vice versa. And above and below all this is vocal acrobat Chen’s voice: gurgling, with a swelling ebb and flow, screaming and eruptive. He, by the way, performs in duo with the avant-gardist singer Phil Minton. This is excess and abstraction plus aggression and attraction. In other words: Mopcut simply have to be a part of Enjoy Jazz’s 2021 Extreme Music Series. So buckle up and be prepared for an experience somewhere between noise overwhelm and free jazz radicalism.