Erwin Ditzner's Carte Blanche - Show 1

Su 01.11.2020

Alte Feuerwache Mannheim

Presale: 15,00 €plus fees

Box office: 20,00 €

Begin: 19:00

Entrance: 18:00

Event series: Erwin Ditzner's Carte Blanche

Country: Deutschland

Luc EX : bass
Mikael Szafirowski : guit.
Erwin Ditzner : drums,electronic drums

Andreas Dorau once sang “Das ist Demokratie, langweilig wird sie nie! (This is democracy, it never gets boring).” Festival director Rainer Kern’s thoughts regard to jazz were likely similar when he awarded drummer Erwin Ditzner a “carte blanche” for future Enjoy Jazz festivals in 2008, following a concert he had played with Rudi Mahall and Sebastian Gramss. The rest is history, and partially recorded. Most recently Ditzner shared the stage with pianist Chris Jarrett. In 2020 the journey will take a different turn. Bassist Luc Ex was a member of the Amsterdam anarcho punk band The Ex for almost 20 years, after which he went on to work with musicians like Tom Cora, Otomo Yoshihide, Ingrid Laubrock, Tony Buck, Hasse Poulsen, Fennesz and Anarchist Republic of Bzzz. Finnish guitarist and singer Mika Szafirowski studied jazz in Helsinki and Den Haag before immersing in the Amsterdam improv scene where he played at the side of Han Bennink and Wilbert De Joode and met Luc Ex with whom he played in the Naked Wolf band. Meanwhile Szafirowski has been focussing on studying contemporary composition. He has played with a broad spectrum of bands ranging from Captain Beefheart and Sonny Sharrock through to Morton Feldman. Looks like Erwin Ditzner has made a perfect choice once again.