Hermann Kretzschmar - Die 32 Scansonaten

Su 18.10.2020

Alte Feuerwache Mannheim

Presale: 17 €plus fees

Box office: 22 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:00


Event series: Hermann Kretzschmar (Ensemble Modern)

Country: Deutschland

Hermann Kretzschmar - p.

Roll over Beethoven. There is no escaping this classic in 2020, even though it’s very different now. Two years ago, pianist and composer Hermann Kretzschmar, member of the Ensemble Modern, decided to play all 32 piano sonatas in a row. You may think that this all well and good - he is not the first one to have this idea. However, Kretzschmar’s approach is more radical: he shortened the 10 hours considerably, and no longer needs several evenings for the performance. How? He plays the first the first sound of each bar regardless of whether it is a sound or a pause. So he takes just one to five minutes per sonata. Kretzschmar calls his postdigital experiment “Scan-Sonata”. Those who believe this is silly playfulness or blasphemy should listen to the result: the sonata skeleton resulting from the scan suddenly develops its own specific appeal. New mini structures develop, Beethoven’s dramatics and dynamics fall away and yet there is something incredibly modern which interestingly still holds the spirit of the grand master. Kretzschmar describes his conceptual approach is a “quick reminiscence” of the original. The audience can certainly expect a novel experience at this matinee performance.

In cooperation with Heidelberger Frühling