Verlegt nach 2021: Jean-Louis Matinier & Kevin Seddiki - Show 1

Th 25.02.2021 Verlegt nach 2021

Ella & Louis Mannheim

Presale: 28,00 €plus fees

Begin: 19:00

Entrance: 18:00

Event series: Jean-Louis Matinier & Kevin Seddiki



Accordion and acoustic guitar duets are fairly common in the tradition of folk music. However, the are not common in jazz, improvised music and bordering genres. Accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier, a popular guest at Enjoy Jazz who has played at the side of Francois Couturier, Anja Lechner and Anouar Brahem, and French guitarist Kevin Seddiki, classically trained, met about a decade ago. They played together in a quintet and then in a trio formation before finally deciding to continue their orchestral explorations in a duet formation. So this is the essence of their delightful musical dialogue that has antennae extending into all directions. Their album, released in early summer, is called “Rivages”, i.e. shores, and encompasses a repertoire of »traditionals« like “Greensleeves”, improvisations, a Robert Schumann theme interlaced with Bulgarian folklore, as well as compositions by Gabriel Fauré and soundtracks by Philippe Sarde. The two musicians describe their elegant musical dialogues as “cosmopolitan chamber music”.