King Midas Sound

Sa 26.10.2019

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

VVK: 16 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 20 €

Beginn: 22:00

Einlass: 21:00

Land: Großbritannien

Roger Robinson : words, voc
Kevin Richard Martin : elec

Besides the remix album “Without You” and collaborations with Fennesz auf “Edition 1”, “Solitude” has been King Midas Sound’s first sign of life since his debut album “Waiting for You” in 2009. At the time, the album came as a real surprise because producer Richard Martin aka The Bug aka Techno Animal aka God was known for lending each genre that he dedicated himself to – dub step, hip hop and grime – marked elements of »Heaviness« and intensity. In 2009, The Wire nominated the “London Zoo” album by The Bug as “Album of the year”. In an interview, Kevin Martin spoke about King Midas Sound being considered a vehicle for intimate negotiations on the other side of club cultures “Like a Francis Bacon painting.” “Solitude” sonically explores melancholy, loss and desperation, in a much stronger voice than “Waiting for you”. Kevin Martin uses beatless soundscapes to bolster author Roger Robinson’ spoken words. A 60-minute, intensive look at human abysses. King Midas Sound assumes that experiencing loneliness is more universal then experiences with gender, race and class. Fun fact: “Solitude” was internationally released on Valentines Day!

The concert is seated.