Oren Ambarchi

Di 03.10.2017 Ausverkauft

Klosterkirche Lobenfeld Lobbach

VVK: 17 € zzgl. Geb

AK: 21 €

Beginn: 20:00

Einlass: 19:00

Reihe: Kirchenkonzerte

Land: Australien

Oren Ambarchi: g, elec

Versatility and unpredictability paired with extraordinary productivity—this is artistic capital from which Oren Ambarchi has been drawing to create artistic furore in different scenes for over 20 years. Born in 1969 in Sydney as the son of Sephardic Jews with Iraqi roots, Ambarchi started out as a free jazz drummer before changing to noise guitar. At the time, John Zorn noticed the Australian, living in Brooklyn, early on. He had recorded a number of albums with guitar improvisations at the side of Jim O´Rourke, Keith Rowe and Christian Fennesz and also hard-rocked with Keiji Haino und Stephen O´Malley from Sunn O))) as Nazoranai. With “Stacte” in 1998, Ambarchi expanded his portfolio to include extensive solo work. Consequently, the musician, who had also been a teacher of improvisation since the noughties, has released on relevant labels like “Tzadik”, “Staubgold”, “Rune Grammofon”,“Drag City” and most recently on “Editions mego”. He produced his current album “Hubris” with numerous illustrious guests ranging from Ricardo Villalobos to Mark Fell to Arto Lindsay, crossing a broad field of abstract dance tracks through to ambient through to strangely fitting 80ies allusions. The “WIRE” magazine listed “Hubris” as one of the 15 best albums in 2016. This evening, this much we can say, Oren Ambarchi will present older and more recent material including longer compositions.