Verlegt nach 2021: Enjoy Jazz Encore: Konzert im Dunkeln : Beyond Borders

Mo 23.11.2020 Verlegt nach 2021

Schloss-Schule Ilvesheim

Presale: 17,00 €plus fees

Box office: 20,00 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 19:30

Event series: Konzert im Dunkeln : Beyond Borders

Country: Tunesien / Schweiz / Deutschland

Fadhel Boubaker : Oud
Niko Seibold : sax
Jonathan Sell : kb
Dominik Fürstberger : dr

Beyond Borders Band will have already come to the attention of those who visited the Festival two years ago, where the quartet performed with the Haz'art Trio in the Alte Feuerwache. This time they will be performing on their own, but without being seen as the concert will be taking place in darkness. This is the eighth time for Enjoy Jazz’s Concert in the Dark, taking place the state school Schloss-Schule Ilvesheim. Both the stage and the concert hall will be in complete darkness and blind and visually impaired pupils from the school will lead the audience to their seats. There will be no light, not even candlelight. This unusual setting will be a completely new experience for many. On the one hand, the two-hour concert will enable the audience to immerse in new layers of awareness and, on the other, it will allow the listener to develop a heightened attention to the music. The music itself crosses boundaries: “Orient meets Occident”. This was also the name of the workshop in which the four musicians met in 2011, and ever since when they have been delicately interweaving European, American and Arabic traditions. Here, oud meets classical instruments and their joint love of jazz meets different musical influences: maqam, rock and the blues. “Music is our joint language” says Niko Seibold. And they certainly communicate well.