Matinee: "These Girls" - Juliane Streich & Julia Neupert

Su 11.10.2020


Begin: 11:00

Entrance: 10:30

Country: Deutschland

Juliane Streich
Julia Neupert

Feminist literature studies started in the 70s - which enabled universities to start studying literature history from another angle. Forgotten female authors were discovered and both new and old models for female literature where put into the spotlight. This development is still due to happen in the field of jazz and pop music, albeit a few exceptions. Some might think this is not necessary as there have always been female stars and music is not gender-based. That’s correct. And then again, it isn’t. Female musicians have been marketed in certain ways, usually as performers and sex symbols. Ingenious creativity was a male domain; and business too. This slowly started changing in the 90s, for example with Rrriot Grrrls and Beyoncé who became feministic superstars. In Juliane Streich’s compendium “These Girls”, the diversity of female expression in pop and related genres is portrayed in short portraits - a female music history. It spans from the 1940s to 2010s - from Edith Piaf, the chansonnière, to Camp Cope, the Australian indie band. This piece of work has been long overdue! Juliane Streich presents her anthology at Enjoy Jazz in discussion with Julia Neupert, a highly valued SWR broadcasting moderator. As a song by Ivor Cutler goes, “Women of the world take over or the world will come to an end”. We agree!

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