Matinee: John Coltrane: Biographie von Peter Kemper

Su 15.10.2017 Sold Out

SAS "Im Haarlass" In der Neckarhelle

Begin: 11:00

Entrance: 10:30

Event series: Matineen 2017

Country: Deutschland

Peter Kemper

The studied philosopher and German philologist Peter Kemper, born 1950, was Arts Editor at the broadcasting company Hessischer Rundfunk for three decades. He dedicated his passion for different genres to many different programmes and his love of music is also demonstrated in his numerous newspaper contributions to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He has published books on the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and presented the ukulele’s cultural history. He is also co-organiser of the German Jazz Festival am Main, which highlights his diversity: many lucid articles and radio shows are proof of his profound knowledge of jazz history. His new book, a biography of the American jazz icon John Coltrane who died 50 years ago, also demonstrates this. “What is the unique magic of his music that still moves us today and what motives, sources of inspiration and drive can be revealed from behind the sound explosions of his saxophone playing? How can one get to the mystery of his sound and also get to know the man behind the music? These are the questions that Kemper engages in and answers with great empathy and intuition for Coltrane’s revolutionary musical language. Peter Kemper’s Coltrane exegesis, deftly integrated into the biographic and musical milestones is not only highly recommended for novices. It also invites connoisseurs to listen again and afresh to the legacy of this great musician.