Verlegt: nach 2021: Enjoy Jazz Abschlusskonzert: Michael Wollny Solo - Zusatzkonzert

Su 13.12.2020 Sold Out

Christuskirche Mannheim

Presale: 38,00 €plus fees

Box office: 45,00 €

Begin: 17:00

Entrance: 16:30


Event series: Michael Wollny Solo - Zusatzkonzert

Country: Deutschland

Michael Wollny : p

The piano is a sound laboratory for Wollny and those who observe him sitting at his laboratory bench, bobbing, springing to his feet and exploding will get an idea of what we mean by that. What looks like hard work is also beautiful fantasising. Wollny seems intoxicated when he plays, on a high that weaves in many fabrics and motifs with sound worlds that sink into him and then resurface – from romantic to folksong, from Alban Berg to Flaming Lips, from classical American to avant-gardist European jazz. His collaborations, be they duo, trio or quartet, encompass all forms of musical communications. His rare solo concerts give glimpses into internal worlds. William S. Burroughs once described himself as “cosmonaut of inner space”. One could also say this about Wollny. He explores completely new spheres. His second album, due to be released at the end of September is fittingly titled “Mondenkind (moon child)”.