New Jazz Voices Trio feat. Marie Séférian - Show 2

Th 15.10.2020

Ella & Louis Mannheim

Presale: 20,00 € inkl. Geb

Box office: 22,00 €

Begin: 21:15

Entrance: 20:30

Event series: New Jazz Voices feat. Marie Séférian

Country: Deutschland

Marie Séférian – vocals
Simon Seidel – piano
Dietmahr Fuhr – bass
Holger Neswedea – drums

As in previous years (keyword: Efrat Alony), the sixth edition of “New Jazz Voices” has an open approach to the term “new”. Marie Séfèrian, born in Münster, is from a very musical family. Her father is chansonnier and pedagogue Jean Claude Séférian; her mother is pianist Christiane Rieger-Séférian. Marie Séférian took violin lessons, musical theatre singing, piano lessons and classical singing before she decided to study jazz in Enschede, then in Berlin and finally in Lucerne with Lauren Newton. After her masters, Séférian herself taught vocal jazz in Dublin and travelled to Bangalore to learn the art of vocal performance with South Indian percussion. She has released albums with her own quartet including pianist Nicolai Thärichen, with the Cool Jazz trio Gerry Getz Chet and the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra. In 2018, together with her father, she jointly released “Un homme et une femme” with songs from Nouvelle Vague film classics like Sous le ciel de Paris” and “La Chanson d‘ Hélène”.