Verlegt nach 2021: Petros Klampanis IRRATIONALITIES - Show 1

Mo 08.02.2021 Verlegt nach 2021

Ella & Louis Mannheim

Presale: 22,00 €plus fees

Box office: 24,00 €

Begin: 19:00

Entrance: 18:00


Event series: Petros Klampanis IRRATIONALITIES


Petros Klampanis : b
Bodek Janke : dr
Kristjan Randalu : p

Greek bassist Petros Klampanis’ first trio album “Irrationalities” travels back and forth between Athens, his home city, and New York, both musically and geographically. On listening we are surprised and wonder how can it be that this 39-year-old musician did not do this earlier? Perhaps he needed congenial partners like pianist Kristjan Randalu from Estonia and Polish drummer Bodek Janke. Some critics felt reminded of Bill Evans – meaning Evans’ trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motion. However, there are a few more facets, most likely due to the different influences the musicians bring along with them. “Irrationalities” is an album that not so much plays around with irrationalities, but with the unexpected and it hints at all sorts of possible traditions. The Greek ballade “Thalassa Platia” is right next to the American standard “Blame it On My Youth”. Both pieces, and all others on the album, have a specific signature: The trio has a profound understanding of groove and timing, a lightness full of respect and cheerfulness at the same time, subtlety, stability and, last but not least, unusual rhythms.