Paulo Morello Sambop feat. Lula Galvão

Mo 14.10.2019

Ella & Louis Mannheim

VVK: 20 € inkl. Geb

AK: 22 €

Beginn: 20:00

Einlass: 19:00

Reihe: Sambop by Paulo Morello

Land: Brasilien / Deutschland

Lula Galvão : g
Paulo Morello : elec g
Dudu Penz : elec b
Mauro Martins : dr

What do you do when you love two different kinds of music styles and want to bring them together? Merge them, of course, and invent a new sub-genre. The programmatic name of jazz guitarist and composer Paulo Morello’s recent album is “Sambop”. He was born in 1970 Rhineland Westphalia with the name Cornelius Paul Schmidkunz. He changed his name over the course of his musical career. Morello not only sounds better, it is also easier to pronounce for South Americans. Morello has been accompanied by Brazilian music for almost as long as jazz. When he studied in New York, almost a quarter of a century ago, he heard about the Trio da Paz for the first time and has wanted to enter highly complex, melancholic, rhythmic sound worlds more deeply ever since. He even lived in Brazil for a few months, in order to experience the intensity of the music. Morello feels at home in modern jazz as well as in different Brazilian fields and can unite them “as if he has always played Samba and Choro on the semi-acoustic jazz guitar” as a critic once wrote. Morello closes the gap between two genres and the result is pure bliss.

The concert is seated.