So viel mehr als nur ein Song

Su 27.09.2020 Sold Out

Nationaltheater Mannheim

Presale: 10 € / 24,50 € / 28,50 €plus fees

Begin: 16:00

Entrance: 15:30

Country: Deutschland

August Zirner: Moderation, fl
Tala Al Deen: Sprache, voc
Sheila Eckhardt: Sprache, voc, uke
Lorena Handschin: Sprache, voc
Sven Faller: bs
Anke Helfrich: p, musikalische Ltg
Mitglieder der Jungen Bürgerbühne des Nationaltheaters Mannheim (Hannes Back, William Corbett, Rosmin Schumacher, Frieda Takla, Tuana Tuncali)

All of the 1,000 most played jazz standards are older than 40 years. This is why the Enjoy Jazz Festival wants to successively rethink the standards canon, which represents the universal language of jazz. In a first step, jazz fans are asked to write a story for their favourite standard. Author Volker Doberstein, Festival director Rainer Kern and Grimme Prize awardee, actor and jazz flutist August Zirner developed an entertaining revue using anecdotal song portraits and exciting live versions of the selected standards, including classics like “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Round Midnight”. ECHO Prize winner Anke Helfrich is musical director. Three extremely versatile artists could also be won over for the project: Tala Al-Deen, member of the Nationaltheater Mannheim ensemble, who is also singer and stylophone player in the celebrated pop-pop/post-fact/postpost-band “Frau Sammer”. Sheila Eckhardt, actor at Theater Heidelberg, who also studied jazz vocals at Musikhochschule Stuttgart and recently excelled as “Polly” in “Dreigroschenoper”. She is currently working on songs for her first album. Lorena Handschin from Deutsches Theater Berlin (Schweizer Fernsehfilmpreis 2020) who sung in a Danish jazz band when she was still at school and actually wanted to study jazz vocals. Her first EP, with original songs from the prized SRF series “Nr. 47”, was released at the beginning of this year. All three have fascinating musicality rooted in profound artistic freedom with which they not only cater for surprises but at best shake current conceptions. A book wit the same title will be released in 2021.