Sokratis Sinopoulos - Show 1

Tu 27.10.2020 Sold Out

Friedenskirche Heidelberg

Presale: 26,00 €plus fees

Box office: 32,00 €

Begin: 18:30

Entrance: 18:00

Event series: Sokratis Sinopoulos

Country: Griechenland

Sokratis Sinopoulos : lyra
Yann Keerim : p
Dimitris Tsekouras : b
Dimitris Emmanouil : dr

Sokratis Sinopuolos once said that the lyra is still a very popular instrument for dance music in many areas of Greece. Stepping out of this framework is therefore challenging, even for virtuosos. However, this is changing in younger generations who are looking for new ways of expressing themselves with old instruments. Sinopoulos, born in 1974 in Athens, is a member of this generation and has consistently walked the path of stylistic expansion. He first trained in classic guitar and then discovered the lyra at age 14. He is at home with traditional canons just as much as he is with classical music and jazz. He has not only been on stage with Eleni Karaindrou and Maria Fanatouri but also with Charles Lloyd and Loreena McKennitt. His encounter with pianist Yann Keerim was pivotal: he founded his quartet, which released its debut “Eight Winds” on ECM in 2015. The ensemble includes Dimitris Tsekouras on bass and Dimitris Emmanouil on drums, who provide a filigree foundation for Sinopoulo’s etheric, meandering and magically timeless melody lines. They have a fixed principle: to stay away from clichés, i.e. from everything that is described as jazz, folklore or classical - especially in solo performances. Instead, they explore and discover communal roots of improvisation.