Tania Giannouli solo

Fr 16.10.2020 Sold Out

Kunsthalle Mannheim

Begin: 19:30

Entrance: 19:00

Event series: Tania Giannouli

Country: Griechenland

Tania Giannouli : p, prep p

For many, the REWA concert held in Ludwigshafen turned out to be a surprise highlight at last year’s Festival. Greek pianist Tania Giannouli, New Zealand percussionist Rob Thorne and Italian percussionist Michele Rabbia succeeded in building a breathtaking bridge between archaic, ambient and contemporary classical music. Versatile pianist and composer Giannouli, who has also composed various soundtracks, has an excellent reputation for her interdisciplinary projects and her very open “sound language” that dwells in between various folklores and new music. Critics deemed her album “Transcendence”, released in 2015 on the New Zealand label Rattle Records, as one of the most important releases of the decade. “Downbeat” described the Trios concert in Berlin in 2018 as “Manfred Eicher’s dream of the Mediterranean”. This year, Tania Giannouli will give solo performances and highlight her mastery from another angle.