The Vampires

Fr 08.11.2019

Ella & Louis Mannheim

VVK: 22 € inkl. Geb

AK: 24 €

Beginn: 20:00

Einlass: 19:00

Land: Australien

Nick Garbett : tp
Jeremy Rose : sax, bcl
Alex Boneham : b
Alex Masso : dr, perc

Bennetts Lane Big Band? Galapagos Duck? Crossfire? Apart from The Necks and maybe Triosk, which become known about a decade ago thanks to their cooperation with Jan Jelinek, the Australian scene seems to be an unknown part on the global Jazz-map. To overcome this shortage a meeting with The Vampires from Sydney is advised. The quartet, which manages without harmony instruments, exists since 2004 and has released six albums since. The Vampires say they play fusion without rock. For this they use everything that inspires them: afro-Cuban, reggae, Latin, afro-beat or soul jazz. It is “state of-the-art modern jazz at the highest level” (The Australian). The current album “Pacifica”, released February 2019, doesn’t create an image of a “pacific” jazz, but talks about encounters of a band which is spread around the whole world. The trumpeter Nick Garbett currently lives on Lampedusa and shoot the album cover himself. In that “Pacifica” becomes a reminiscence of the joint beginning.

The concert is seated.