Richard Bona Mandekan Cubano

Sa 21.10.2017

BASF-Feierabendhaus Ludwigshafen

Presale: 29 / 24 / 19 €plus fees

Box office: 32 / 27 / 22 €

Begin: 20:00

Entrance: 18:45

Event series: Wolfgang Muthspiel Quintet

Country: Kamerun / USA

Richard Bona : b
Ludwig Afonso : dr
Rey Alejandre : tb
Dennis Hernandez : tp
Osmany Paredes : p
Luis Quintero : perc
Robert Quintero : perc

If you divided Afro-Cuban music into its single elements, you would have a colourful pile of ingredients. Spanish colonialists, indigenous people, rhythms of African slaves as well as sounds from Asia, and China in particular. The country’s story is incorporated into the infectious music and, in the merging of the different elements, contrasts disappear. This music represents us all, says Richard Bona, who is passionate about the diversity of musical expression as well as about openness, tolerance and being humane. Talking about races is simply ridiculous, he says. So it is no wonder that in is latest project, Mandekan Cubano, Bona from Cameroon uses Caribbean sounds and sings to them in Duala, a Bantu language. The multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer already combines diversity and richness within himself: born in a small village in Cameroon in 1967, he started playing on instruments he had made himself. A Jaco Pastorius record showed him what an e-bass could do. He went to Europe, then New York, and worked with Harry Belafonte, Joe Zawinul and Bobby McFerrin. He has released numerous records which effortlessly mix African influences, soul, funk and jazz. Together with his fabulous band he doesn’t just play Afro-Cuban music, he re- tells it. What an experience!