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15 Jahre Enjoy Jazz Compilation

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Experience Enjoy Jazz before and after the Festival and bring its unique atmosphere into your living room. With selected highlights, Enjoy Jazz Edition will address all your senses and shorten your waiting time for the next Festival season.
Numerous great artists like Joshua Redman, Sonny Rollins, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Michael Wollny have musically enriched the Festival over the past years. Now, at the Festival’s anniversary, the time has come to recall the past and present some of the musical highlights from 15 years of Enjoy Jazz— on a compilation with tracks all personally selected by Festival Director Rainer Kern. Lean back and immerse yourself in the short history of Europe’s biggest jazz festival with the 15 years’ Enjoy Jazz CD.

Enjoy Jazz Compilation Vol. 3

Preis 5.00 Euro

Jazz is a wondrous term: it describes so many different styles, forms and musical characters which simply forbid a clear definition. It is not without reason that Enjoy Jazz has the programmatic subtitle: “International Festival for Jazz ad More”. The special thing about Enjoy Jazz is its diversity and breadth of contemporary music, reflected in over 90 concerts across the Festival weeks running from 02 October to 18 November. To get you tuned in and scale up the programme, we present our third Enjoy Jazz Compilation together with the Mannheim Label JAZZ’n’ARTS. This CD gives you the opportunity to discover new and already established artists, and increase your anticipation of the concerts, and “relisten” the concert experiences at home. Aloe Blacc, Charles Bradley, Nailah Porter and Little Red Suitcase are included. All we have left to say is: Enjoy Jazz!

01. Colin Vallon / Patrice Moret / Samuel Rohrer – Telepathy
02. Edgar Knecht Quartet – Simsala
03. Amina Alaoui – Flor de nieve
04. Little Red Suitcases – Rainy Holidays
05. Stefano Di Battista – Valentina Tereskova
06. Claus Boesser-Ferrari / Thomas Siffling – Afro Blue
07. Le Bang Bang – Our castle turns to sand
08. Nailah Porter – Sacred
09. Charles Bradley – The World (is going up in flames)
10. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Alyo
11. Aloe Blacc – Hey Brother
12. The Pyramids – Mogho Naba
13. "Aufgang" feat. Francesco Tristano – Barock
14. Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz – Where is the edge

Enjoy Jazz Compilation Vol. 2

Preis 5.00 Euro

For the second time since 2006, Enjoy Jazz presents the "Enjoy Jazz Compilation" in collaboration with the Mannheim Label JAZZ'n'ARTS Records. Twelve remarkable tracks, selected by Festival Director Rainer Kern reflect the diversity of the Festival programme: it ranges from DJ Jazzy Jeff to Stefano Battaglia, from Kammerflimmer Kollektief to Hazmat Modine, from Barbara Lahr to Trio Mediaeval. An extensive booklet provides information about the all the artists who have performed at Enjoy Jazz since 2007, including those who will still be giving concerts in the three remaining weeks of the Festival up to 10 November.

01. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat CL Smooth – All I Know
02. Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Palimpsest
03. The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Fontella Bass – Familiar Ground
04. Barbara Lahr – A Queen Called Malingam
05. Tuomi – Th'expense, of Spirit
06. The Neil Cowley – Trio Little Secrets
07. Battles – Atlas
08. Hazmat Modine – Bahamut
09. Trio Mediaeval – Rolandskvadet
10. Maya Homburger & Barry Guy – Sonata Seconda
11. Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner – Tango a mi padre
12. Stefano Battaglia – Totò e Ninetto


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